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Slade- Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply

23 Oct

This was Slade’s most popular album in the US. For some reason, this album has been out of print for years now. If you can find it used for under $20, go for it. Most should remember their hit Run Runaway, but the stand out track is My Oh My. Such a great song that is still ignored to this day. Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply spent 18 weeks on the Billboard top 200 albums chart in 1984.


The Rolling Stones – Dirty Work

20 Oct

ESPN has been playing old, odd Rolling Stones songs on Monday Night Football this season. Recently, they played One Hit To The Body off of Dirty Work. This has always been one of my favorite Stones albums, probably because of the album cover, but really for their cover of Harlem Shuffle.

I’m not sure why Stones fans hate this album. The Stones themselves probably hate it. They probably don’t even remember it. 80’s Stones > 70’s Stones. Yeah, I said it. The 2012 Stones are off to a good start. Doom and Gloom is a damn good song.

Dr. John – Locked Down

19 Oct

Produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, Locked Down just might be Dr. John’s best album ever. I’m serious. It’s not so much psychedelia, compared to other Dr. John records, it’s more straightforward blues and rock n’ roll. Not bad for a 71 year old. ★★★★★

Japandroids – Celebration Rock

18 Oct

Canada gave us Nickelback. But they also gave us Japandroids. And Hockey. I know Japandroids is the new hipster band, and I hate hipsters, but this album is good. Just one listen to The House That Heaven Built and you’ll see why. Easily my favorite song of the year. ★★★★

The Jimmy Carroll Band – Catholic Boy

16 Oct

I forgot how much I loved this album. It’s always fun to rediscover an old favorite. People Who Died is a punk rock classic.